Website Design

Our works on Web Designing says that we are specialized in providing innovative and high quality custom website designs. We make sure that all of our designs are Unique, Professional and appealing to the targeted audients so that will help the clients to get to their business goal much faster and get their customers and have the branding embedded into their minds.

Our technical expertise and decade long experience as a website design company India helps us to exceed you expectations. We are a reputed name in global web solutions and web design service domain.

When people first visit the website that Globus International Info Soft has created for you, they will see a fresh, beautifully designed logo that truly represents your business, its mission and its products and services. They will visit a landing page which offers a strong first impression, plus an easy navigation menu that allows visitors to access the information they need to know about your company—quickly and with no confusion. And they will immediately notice the sharp, state of the art graphics that both catch the eye and make a definitive statement about your business.

An Globus International Info Soft site can draw and impress even more visitors with an array of ultra modern flash design, animation and multimedia options; characteristics that, when designed professionally and used efficiently, can bring your website to life. People will actually have fun as they learn about your company and its services; thus greatly increasing the chances that they will come back to your site—and to your company.

Of course, above and beyond all the flash and glamour will be a workable, substantial, serviceable and productive site; one imbued with revolutionary technological systems such as Web 2.0 design as well as PSD to HTML/CSS Conversion.

And if your current company website does not offer all of these top notch features, visually, technologically or in terms of content, Globus International Info Soft offers website re-designing services. We can transform your site into one that truly works for you and your company.

Custom Web Design:

We have designed and developed custom websites to cater the requirements of a diverse range of businesses globally. A dedicated team of experienced custom web design professionals at us creates a web site that is innovative, challenging and extra ordinary.

All the customized web sites at Core100 are made with the full potential of our expertise. Being a goal-oriented web design company India, we execute all our endeavors in order to offer our clientele base the best they deserve.

If a customized website is all what you need, then you are at the right place. As a specialized web design company, Core100 has every tool that gives you a discrete identity on the web.

Corporate web Design:

When it comes to make a discrete and impressive corporate identity over the net, a fully corporate website is the best help.

Having a perfect shot of corporate website, you need to call a web design company with core competence.

Decade long corporate website designing experience has helped Core100 to render your corporate image online in the best probable manner. All our websites are made after a deep analysis of the client's business model.

Website Development

Website Development is a very general term; one which basically covers anything and everything your website can do for you. And in the hands of Globus International Info Soft, your website will do everything possible to maximize your business.

We can custom design web-based applications that maximize your site's access to web portals, maximize your site's connections to the Internet, and even develop web-based software.

We can come up with web-based database programming, content management systems, apps that will facilitate customer relations and collaborations with other companies, online stores, educational programs for employees and clients alike, intranets, extranets, inventory management, tools, supply chain management, etc.

Once we are done with your web design, your site will be equipped with all of the apps needed to maximize the possibilities of web-based commerce for you and your company.

Your every need will be addressed; whenever you need to accomplish a specific goal or mission in relation to your business, you will have easy access to a website application development tool that will help you achieve this objective—and to the extent of its fullest potential.

Globus International Info Soft can custom design apps that will specifically address the needs of you and your company; and, perhaps most importantly, of your clients.

Every business is different, in terms of its mission, its objectives, its products and services. Therefore, each and every website will need to come equipped with individualized website apps; each of which will address a specific need that your company has—and all of which will work together to work for you.

When Globus International Info Soft optimizes your site with the fullest potential of Website Application Development, you will have a site that can practically do your work for you. With Globus International Info Soft, the possibilities are truly infinite.

An eCommerce Development Solution revolves around a stable, effective and very productive system for selling one's products—and sometimes even services—online. When you have an eCommerce Development Solution firmly in place, then you will be able—not only to notify people about and describe your products through your website--but to sell them the goods that are listed and pictured on this site.

Using top notch eCommerce Development Solution providers like Magento, Zencart, X-cart Joomla / Virtuemart, Drupal, and OsCommerce, Globus International Info Soft can set up a wonderful virtual store for your company. This online marketplace could include photos or graphics and detailed text descriptions for each product, giving potential customers all of the information they need to make a purchase.

Then when they are ready to buy, they can click a button or two, fill out an order form that contains their name, address, phone number and credit card, PayPal or eCheck information, and make a purchase that will make a difference to your business.

Indeed, a good eCommerce Development Solution can make all the difference to you and your company. More and more people are shopping online these days; and if your company has the capability to facilitate online purchases—and perhaps even to conduct online auctions—then you stand to attract a multitude of customers from around the world.

Software Development

We offer professional software development services that are cost effective, performance oriented and customer focused, with quality being our primary motto. Our customers will find our software cycle processes tuned to their requirement using standard business tools and review reports.

We offer turnkey software solutions starting from the conceptualization of the ideas of the customer to translating into development of software and implementation. We also undertake software testing projects, enhancement of an existing software application and business process reengineering as a part of our services to provide an extension to client management services.

We offer best quality Software Applications that are superior in quality to satisfy all the needs of the customer. We employ state of the art tools and latest project management methodologies with key mile stones to track the development progress.

Software development is a process in which products manufactured according to customer needs with high satisfaction. These products previously developed in various programming languages and includes a research. We time to get good results only if we make the marketing and engineering processes are being performed.

As software development tasks not only related to engineering processes, but also on various factors such as human resources, market research, budgets, risk management, etc.

It is a complicated process that requires things marketing, programming and development areas. All begins with a simple design to coding, analysis, project implementation management changes and the development of the necessary software.

Our team creates business applications, enterprise applications, client server applications, web based applications, mobile applications and unique technologies to make your business a success.

We create economical, efficient and profitable software solutions to help to tackle the fierce online competition. We commit to meet the goals and objectives of clients by incorporating the right technology to create software applications.

We work towards maximizing the ROI and minimizing the risk associated with their business. We focus on delivering the end product by involving the client at every step and taking his approval. We also provide after sales support and customer service.

Are you looking for database aaplication development? Tech Prastish has years of experience in designing database applications and its development.

We understand that the success of managing complex applications is dependent on the database design and associated data structures. Our database developers have immense experience in designing various database driven applications.

We ensure that your application works smoothly in the first go itself so that your business does not have to face any technical problems or loss due to it.

SEO/SMO/SEM Services

Globus International Info Soft is an SEO Company that offers quality Search Engine Optimization/ SEO Services and Internet Marketing Solutions. Our dedicated team of SEO Professionals ensures Guaranteed Top 10 search engine ranking on Google, Yahoo and MSN.

When people look for products and services online, they do not simply visit random websites in search of the things they need. Quite the contrary, they conduct a designated search; one that employs an appropriately named Internet tool known as a search engine.

And this is why search engine marketing is critical to the success of both your business and your web presence. Search engine marketing is a broad umbrella term which encompasses all forms of online promotion and advertising that are based on search engine usage.

It involves the ever-popular SEO (search engine optimization), usually a no cost process which involves the targeting of specific keywords to build search engine rank; however, the term search engine marketing is used far more frequently to refer to paid, banner-style advertisements that appear at the top of search engine results.

Surely you have noticed these ads, which appear every time you insert a word or phrase into a search engine. They not only appear at the top of your list of search engine results; they are generally shaded or colored and topped off with bold print.

The likelihood that you will click on these emboldened links first is extremely high; high enough, in fact, that search engines can charge quite a bit of money to place your company and your website most literally at the top of their list.

Of course you want your company to appear at the top of search engine results, especially if the search engine in question is Google, Yahoo!, or another leading engine. Yet you may not know how much search engine marketing will cost your company and just how to go about buying SEM ads.

Our SEO Processes are designed in view of the Google SEO guidelines, and white hat SEO techniques are strictly followed to ensure that our clients from world over get the best SEO services.

Our outstanding team brings many years of technical and business expertise to your search engine marketing effort. In contrast to so many Internet start-ups, we've put together a diverse and talented group with depth and breadth of professional and analytical knowledge.

Our SEO Experts will Profit your company and enable you to focus on your business while we achieve your goals. We take pride in using only Ethical White hat techniques to achieve top 10 rankings for your website. your site is one of our own.

With having years of experience and success in internet marketing promotion and online advertising sector, we can assure you in expanding your online web popularity and online business through our expert search engine optimization (SEO) and SEM services.

Globus International Info Soft offers its extensive experience to build interactive and efficient web CMS development solutions for it's global client base.

Sure, you probably know how to set up a Facebook page or a MySpace profile; yet do you know how to effectively present and describe your products and services on this page?


Globus International Info Soft makes web site maintenance much more efficient than it ever has been. By separating the navigation, graphic layout and content into three different areas, it allows you to make changes to the actual content of the page without affecting the graphic layout or the navigation of the site.

They remain constant and integrate seamlessly with your content as you update. You no longer have to rely on graphic designers or complicated codes.

People say creating a website thing is not that of an uphill task but it takes some effort to sustain and maintain a smooth, hassle free website which is up to date and can enhance business profits. We at Globus International Info Soft have years of experience and expertise as a website maintenance company and we have realised that maintenance is a more costly affair than building a website.

So we decided to help out our valued customers with best quality and economic website maintenance services and facilities which are tailor made to save your valuable time and money.

Globus International Info Soft is here at your service. If you don't want to linger upon with updating your website, then let us do it for you and we will leave no stone unturned to prove our mettle. In addition, we provide you the space to concentrate on things in which you turn out to be the best.

The main areas of website maintenance and web site managements are many and these are getting wide day by day. We are one of the leading names among website maintenance company India and mainly focus on prime, important and broad segments of it.

Update of content:

A website must have fresh, current and accurate content. If a website can provide updated contents then people or visitors return to the website often to meet their content need and this generates the traffic and profit subsequently. There also should be old articles, comments and other information maintained in an archived setup for prompt references.

Up gradation of Technology:

Technology is consistently under transition and if timely up grading is not exercised then a website appears to look out of date. Besides, if any component of the site starts malfunctioning then also up gradation is need of the hour to deal with it.

Back up of information:

To avoid any emergency occurrences and situation, we, as a dedicated website maintenance company Mumbai keep regular backup of Files and Data. It is very significant in terms of maintaining Continuity of Business.

Mobile Application

Custom mobile application with a unique touch is much needed to boost the functions and performance of these mobile devices. Some of the big names in the industry today are - iPhone, Blackberry and Android that have their own set of features that require technical finesse to meet both individual and business needs.

We at Globus International Info Soft are supportive of the business requirements that may vary significantly and thus, yields a need for customized mobile application development and mobile software development to create value-added mobile phone applications tailored exactly to your specific business requirements for enhanced efficiency, functionality and value addition.

iPhone Application Development:

iPhone Application Development is the new wave of the future in the world of technology; and while you probably have plenty of 'apps' on your own iPhone, you may be wondering as to how to put iPhone Application Development to work for you and your business.

In the eyes of many people, iPhone apps are forms of entertainment; and if you run an entertainment business, then Globus International Info Soft can work with you to transform the magical media you produce into some technologically flawless apps.

People could be playing your games, watching your movies, reading your books, and listening to your music on their iPhones; and, of course, paying for the privilege to do so!

Yet you do not have to be an entertainment mogul to benefit from iPhone Application Development. Globus International Info Soft can help you develop apps that will help you and your employees conduct their business; doing everything from arranging their schedules and their travel plans to writing and reading important business documents and keeping track of company stocks and bonds with the use of these iPhone apps.

At Globus International Info Soft, we fully understand the vital role that iPhone Application Development plays in today's corporate marketplace—and, for that matter, how important it is for your business.

Android Development:

Google Android presents a software stack for mobile devices constituting an operating system, middleware and key applications. The Android SDK provides the necessary tools and APIs required to develop custom applications using the Java programming language.

Android OS and Android SDK comes with a set of core applications, all written using the Java programming language, including an email client, SMS program, calendar, maps, browser, contacts, and others.Android OS permits third parties to develop applications for the Android phone which could be installed and used by anyone.

Google's Android is much more available and talked about than any other mobile OS. Smartphones, unlike a few years ago, have attracted a mass today who are not professionals but are looking for more entertainment out of their cell phones. Google Android phones have become fairly popular because of the deluge of advantages it offers.